NACC Fundraiser brings home the BANK!

The NACC Fundraiser and Presentations raised $970.00 for the Northern Arizona Climber's Coalition.
We can now clean out the Jack's Canyon toilet!

With over 100 participants we played all kinds of goofy games (thanks Ryan & Betsy), drank GREAT beer (thanks Beaver Street Brewery & La Sportiva for the glasses), ate deelicious food (thanks Rustic Rich's Cooking-yum yum!) saw some great Videos (thanks Carrie, Chris & Clay) and a way out there slide show (thanks Roxanna).

Thank you to:
Our 11 New Members!
Gloria & Heather for signing up our new members!
Susan & Jason for collecting raffle money
Chris for being a fabulous MC!
Frank & Noah for serving that delicious Beaver Street beer
and Gina at VooDoo Climbing for getting us all together for so much fun!

Thanks to our generous Sponsors:

VooDoo Climbing
Northern Arizona Yoga Center
Absolute Bikes
Black Bean Burrito
Vertical Relief Climbing Center
La Sportiva
James Q Martin Photography
Highland House Calls
Beaver Street Brewery
Omega Pacific
Earthnware Ceramics
Kyle George Photography
Linda's Salsa
American Alpine Club
Rustic Rich's Cooking
Mad Rock
Gina Nelson Jewelry
Roxanna Brock Photography

For more info on our wonderful sponsors click here!

Gina & Gina

Jason & Chris

Heather & Gloria



Marshmallow Cubby Buddy Contest


Jack's Canyon - We need your help!

The Jack’s Canyon Pit Toilet needs to be serviced (pumped) for 2008. The US Forest Service does not arrange, provide or pay for this service.
The pumping is now scheduled for March 2008 or early April depending on road conditions and NACC funding. The Cost is $390.00
Please consider donating to the NACC or become a member today!


The NACC is back!

Help us protect and maintain our wonderful Northern Arizona Climbing Resources.
We need your help! Send us your photos, comments, suggestions...
volunteer, join, help - Get involved!
Contact us and let us know what you can do to help or join the NACC today! You can sign up by clicking the Paypal link on the sidebar or mail in your membership dues or donations.
Thank you!